Commit 17fd2031 authored by Sunderland93's avatar Sunderland93
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Waiting for the "initial" set of globals to appear

(fixed xdg_wm_base_ping working)
parent fbcab67d
......@@ -350,6 +350,8 @@ static const struct wl_pointer_listener pointer_listener = {
// TODO: implement check for resize
static void touch_handle_down(void *data,
struct wl_touch *wl_touch,
uint32_t serial,
......@@ -548,10 +550,11 @@ bool wayland_context_gettouchpos(void *data, unsigned id,
/* Shell surface callbacks. */
static void xdg_shell_ping (void *data, struct xdg_wm_base *shell, uint32_t serial)
static void xdg_shell_ping(void *data, struct xdg_wm_base *shell, uint32_t serial)
xdg_wm_base_pong(shell, serial);
static const struct xdg_wm_base_listener xdg_shell_listener = {
......@@ -576,6 +579,8 @@ static void handle_toplevel_config(void *data, struct xdg_toplevel *toplevel,
wl->configured = false;
// TODO: implement xdg_toplevel close
static const struct xdg_toplevel_listener xdg_toplevel_listener = {
......@@ -1305,11 +1310,16 @@ static bool gfx_ctx_wl_set_video_mode(void *data,
xdg_toplevel_set_app_id (wl->xdg_toplevel, "RetroArch");
xdg_toplevel_set_title (wl->xdg_toplevel, "RetroArch");
// Waiting for xdg_toplevel to be configured before starting to draw
wl->configured = true;
while (wl->configured)
// Waiting for the "initial" set of globals to appear
xdg_wm_base_add_listener(wl->shell, &xdg_shell_listener, NULL);
switch (wl_api)
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