Commit cd8bf003 authored by Sunderland93's avatar Sunderland93
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Add toplevel configuration

parent 9d5cb529
......@@ -569,7 +569,15 @@ static const struct xdg_surface_listener xdg_surface_listener = {
static void handle_toplevel_config(void *data, struct xdg_toplevel *toplevel,
int width, int height, struct wl_array *states)
gfx_ctx_wayland_data_t *wl = (gfx_ctx_wayland_data_t*)data;
wl->width = wl->buffer_scale * width;
wl->height = wl->buffer_scale * height;
RARCH_LOG("[Wayland]: Surface configure: %u x %u.\n",
wl->width, wl->height);
wl->configured = false;
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