Commit e38f0afe authored by M4xw's avatar M4xw 🍗
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Add pipeline triggers.

parent 8b805c5e
......@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ variables:
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_SNES9X2010 -F ref=$BRANCH"
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_DOSBOX -F ref=$BRANCH"
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_PICODRIVE -F ref=$BRANCH"
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_FMSX -F ref=$BRANCH"
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_FCEUMM -F ref=$BRANCH"
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_VBANEXT -F ref=$BRANCH"
- "curl -X POST -F token=$TOKEN_SNES9X -F ref=$BRANCH"
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